Jan Reed, CPE - Permanent Hair Removal Specialist

Permanent Hair Removal Costs
Electrolysis compares favorably with other aesthetic services. The cost of each treatment is determined by the length of time spent in actual hair removal. Neither the total cost, nor the number of treatments can be accurately predetermined because of many variables: amount and type of hair, continual new hair growth, skin factors, client schedule and budget. Utilizing electrolysis, we can treat the hair but not the cause of its growth. Regular appointments are crucial to achieve optimum results. Working together, we can provide physical and psychological benefits - freedom from unwanted hair now and in the future, if new hair growth appears.
Electrolysis is medically recognized
as an Allied Health Profession.
Electrolysis Treatment Areas
Hair removal
The American Medical Association and the FDA recognize electrolysis as safe and effective for Permanent Hair Removal. Temporary removal measures may irritate, discolor and even damage the skin and adversely change the texture. Temporary removal methods usually need to be repeated indefinitely and may become costly over a period of time. Electrolysis is the safe and permanent solution for unwanted hair.